About Us

About Empire

Who are we?

Empire Ink is a 1 of a kind tattoo company, our studios are located near all of South Florida’s main destinations. Our artists are very imaginative & fun. Let us design your first tattoo or continue your current work of art. Share with us “your story” so we may turn it into a forever moment.
A word from the CEO

Feb 2009

Opening of our first location

Our first location was an instant success, Steve Santacruz brought his vision along with his following from a previous business & into the art world.
The “one client at a time attitude” became the words we would live by. This location is still currently open to the public.


Empire ink opens in south beach

Being from New York City, Steve Santacruz knew that in order to be at the top, he must take his vision to the world. What better place than Miami Beach? The most recognized international beach & a tattoo mecca, Empire Ink would begin to evolve into a world stage.


Empire Ink celebrates 5 years of success

For any company to make it past its 2 year mark is a great accomplishment, to make it to your 5 year…. well it means you must be doing something right. A small but reassuring milestone for Empire Ink.


Empire Ink opens in Fort Lauderdale

East Fort Lauderdale location was chosen as it is not only a destination, but also a midpoint to link the Miami & Palm Beach locations. It felt right to continue to expand in the South Florida area.


Empire Ink opens in Downtown Miami

After 8 years in business, Empire Ink is recognized as a 5 star establishment in the social media realm, the Downtown Miami area became another sought after location as the home of the Miami Heat & the Bayside marketplace. Empire Ink becomes a staple in Miami.


Named #1 company by the Miami New Times

Recognized as a #1 company in its field by the Miami New Times. Empire Ink gains worldwide recognition as a tattoo destination. Tourists & locals alike must stop at an Empire Ink location for a unique tattoo experience.


Empire Ink opens in Wynwood

The evolution of a brand requires so much change, 10 years marked the beginning of the new image of Empire Ink as well as its new location: Wynwood, the art hub of all Miami. Along with this new image, the decision was made to open the first tattoo café for everyone to enjoy. Single origin Colombian beans & crafty blends. Welcome to our Empire Inkafé.

March 10, 2019

10 years of success

In the business/service world 10 years is a great milestone to celebrate. Empire Ink celebrates enhancing thousands of peoples lives. So many smiles, so many memories, so much canvas, we can only look forward to the next 10 years.