For one let me start by saying, I love tattooing. Its something that always intrigued me. There is something about forever that feels so powerful . And to have a piece of art connected to that, wow. This is why I put the client first. It’s about your story as well as mine. There has to be a connection in each other to be able to create the best tattoo for you. That being said, I’ll tell a little about my self. Born in Germany, raised in Hawaii, and is of Puerto Rican Descent. Father of one beautiful little girl. I’ve been tattooing for 10 years. My favorite styles to tattoo are traditional and neo traditional full color pieces. I’m great with surrealism and abstract as well as realism. These are my strengths. Working in a personal atmosphere for 10 years I can say I’ve created a lot of tattoos in many different styles. With that experience, I’m not afraid of any challenge. It’s all about respect. Respect for the client ,respect for the art, and respect for your health. I’m a licensed and highly accredited artist, that treats everyone the same. With love ,respect and professionalism, and cleanliness. Without your story, I would never have mine. I love my canvases. My clients are everything. So bring your story, and let me tell it through the tattoo.

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