We all have a story to tell.

It doesn’t matter if we’ve lived a thousand lives or have never left the comfort of our hometown—we all have something interesting to say.

Sometimes we share our stories with words, whether in person or on paper. We tell our children and our grandchildren tales from the past, or maybe we write everything down in an autobiography.

Sometimes we share our stories in songs, paintings, or films, allowing us to express life’s dramas and comedies in a creative way.

And sometimes we share our stories on our bodies.

Our bodies are a canvas—the perfect instrument to getting our tales out into the world.

On our arms, we tell the stories of our community—the origins of our ancestors, the love we have for our partner, and the pride we have for our descendants or friends.

On our wrists, we share the names of the ones who have left us, whose memory will never fade away.

On our forearms, we write the lyrics to the song that had so much meaning to us in high school, or college, or the night we first met our future spouse.

On our stomachs or backs, we share the tattoo design we’ve been drawing in our heads since we were a kid, the design that brings us peace and comfort even when life gets stormy.

On our ankles, we show our spirit animals, or the sun, the moon, the stars, the flowers of this beautiful earth to remind us to always stay grounded.

The stories behind the tattoos on our bodies are meant to be shared with the world, and we want to hear your story.

Tell us: What is your tattoo’s meaning? Is it in honor of a loved one? Is it in honor of a memory? Is it honor of you, for the trials and tribulations you’ve overcome?

Or maybe it’s the story of your favorite one-eyed street cat, your favorite 90s procedural cop drama, your favorite Dave Chappelle skit, or your favorite type of pizza.

Whatever your story is, we want to hear it.

Please upload a photo of your tattoo here and tell us the story behind it.

We will select some of our favorite photos to put on our social media channels. We want our social networks to hear your tattoo story too.

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 You have a story to tell, and we can’t wait to be a part of it.

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