You just found the #1 quality-proven tattoo parlor in Miami.

We are the cosmopolitan tourists destination in Miami to get inked. Conveniently located in Miami Beach & Downtown Miami, we provide high-quality ink artwork with top-ratedtattoo artists.

Miami Beach

Over 7 artists in our Miami Beach Tattoo Shop are ready to ink your story with a custom made tattoo.

If this is your first ink artwork, don’t worry. The team with 10+ years of experience will guide you through it.

This shop also has a cafe! It is one of the most demanded places for things to do in miami while on vacations. Enjoy the spot to sip a coffee in miamibeach while you think of the final details of your custom made new tattoo.

Tattoos | Piercings | Cafe

Downtown Miami

Tattoos | Piercings | Art Gallery

Considered by locals one of the best tattoo shops in Miami! Get inked here by one of our top-rated tattoo artists, including Steve, our founder and CEO.

Our Downtown shop is also an art gallery, and serves as meeting spot for many artist and their  friends who display their talent & passion for visual arts, so kick back & enjoy the ambiance at your #1 local tattoo shop in Miami.

Let us design your first tattoo, or continue working on the canvas you wear.


More about our Locations

The main trademark of our Miami Beach & Downtown tattoo shops is the deep respect we have for our clients and the priority we give to their needs. We work with “One Client At A Time’’, taking the time to understand what drives them to get a new tattoo. Our clients are given the best treatment possible with our professionally trained staff. We are also active proponents of hygiene, and our tattoo shops are a testament to this high standard. This is one of the main reasons why all our customers return to our shops for their next tattoo. Empire Ink high ratings and customer testimonials are the best in the entire South Florida region. The artists that work under the Empire Ink brand are high rated ink professionals, who provide original artwork that satisfies our customers requests. If you are looking for a reliable and high-rated  tattoo shop nearby, Empire Ink in Miami Beach or Downtown Miami is the place to go.